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Ubong King
Ubong King2 days ago
What is the result of combining TROUBLE + RUTHLESS EXECUTION = ? (choose your words carefully)

#Troublethinking @iamsteveharris
Ubong King
Ubong King1 week ago
#MENTALMASSAGE : #HUNGER is the gift of #God to #Man. It is the sensation that give us our daily drive. It activates our need to develop our body so that we grow and maintain a healthy and a satisfying body. Hunger is the #fire that burns in us to move from one level to another. If there was no hunger, we would suffer ill health, malnutrition, and eventually die. If you are hungry and eat #poisonous foods, improperly cooked food, you will become sick and die. But, if you are hungry and the food is well cooked and you eat on time, you will grow well, healthy. HUNGER IS WHAT GIVES YOU DRIVE.... If your hunger (drive) is fed with poison (wrong values)= destruction (criminal behaviour, corruption, fraudulent activities, dominating mentality, wickedness, robbery) will fill your mind. But if your hunger (drive) is fed with healthy foods (Right values)= positive growth (productivity, creativity, leadership, posterity planning, nation building, creating opportunities) is the other of the day. God brings the hunger, you bring the values. The repercussions are automatic. Be careful what you feed your mind with..... Share it on your wall, let's have the right values.


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